Nerea Yacht, making art

Nerea Yacht, is a young Italian yachting company based on the significant experience and mastery of Dario Messina.

Nerea Yacht is a real nautical laboratory where every new craft becomes a unique piece as if it were a work of art.

Dario Messina:

The tailor of the sea

Early 2000s: just in his twenties, having a very dynamic personality, Dario moves from where he was born, in Trapani, on the island of Sicily, to reach the Marche region where some friends introduce him to the yachting business.

The genesis, the idea, the taste for a perfect design

the destination you have always dreamed of

Exciting research

NY24 represents the first step to a great result that follows an exciting research based on the love for the sea, measureless passion for the Italian style and the desire to create a boat as if it was a work of art.
It blends refinement, versatility, harmony of shapes, colours, richness of materials and technology: a synthesis that offers unrivalled exclusivity.