NY24 – Official video trailer

Nerea Yacht presents NY24

With her impressive and clean design, remarkable seaworthiness and great versatility,
the new, all-Italian stylish day cruiser is also perfect as high class tender for superyachts.
NY24 will be unveiled at Boot Dusseldorf (Germany) from the 19th to 27th January, 2019.

NY24 is the first craft produced by Nerea Yacht, a new Italian yachting company based on the significant experience and mastery of Dario Messina, who has been operating in the boat building industry for twenty years.

The new NY24 represents the first step to a great result that follows an exciting research based on the love for the sea, measureless passion for the Italian style and the desire to create a boat as if it was a work of art.
Signed by the Italian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of ideaeITALIA, NY24 is a stylish day cruiser, born from a creative idea and built with the collaboration of an extraordinary technical team. Highly personalized, the craft is made with the attentive care, stylistic research and production features of a tailor-made garment, to become a bespoke creation.

NY24 was moulded and built in the Nerea Yacht facilities on the Adriatic Coast, near Fano. The Marche region boasts one of the most respectful yachting industries in the world, with highly specialized craftsmen and unmatched know-how, so perfect place for Messina, who decides to make his dream come true: create a “boat boutique”, a nautical laboratory where every new craft is made-to-measure.

Within 7.35 meters in length, NY24 is a small open boat combining a modern but timeless design, great livability of spaces and remarkable seaworthiness, satisfying the most sophisticated and demanding owner, looking for a compact boat but, not for this, goes unnoticed.
NY24 is a day cruiser with a sporty and versatile personality, ideal for spending a day – or a weekend – at sea with family or friends in total relax and security. NY24 is the ideal craft to dock in front of a villa on the lake or by the sea coast, but also perfect as high-class tender for superyachts, thanks to a construction height which has been kept deliberately low, to easily enter a motor-yacht garage.

Nerea Yacht is fully entitled to enrich the Italian offer in terms of superior boatbuilding quality, contributing to export the Italian creativity and skillfulness around the world.


NY24 – Water splash

NY24 was created with the collaboration of an extraordinary technical staff, it is a highly personalized product, created with the care, stylistic research and production characteristics of a tailored garment, of a unique “made to measure” piece.
The small day cruiser of 7.35 meters in length is a concentrate of modern design, great liveability of spaces and remarkable seaworthiness able to satisfy the most sophisticated owner and looking for a boat with small dimensions but which, not for this reason, can go unnoticed.