A dream come true

NY24 blends refinement, versatility, harmony of shapes, colours, richness of materials and technology, a synthesis that offers unrivalled exclusivity. Within 7.35 meters in length, NY24 combines a modern but timeless design, great livability of spaces and remarkable seaworthiness, satisfying the most sophisticated and demanding owner, looking for a compact boat but, not for this, goes unnoticed.

The cockpit can be equipped with two drawer refrigerators, a concealed sink and a stove to guarantee sociable entertainment.

The heart of the boat is definitely the living area in the central cockpit, with a fine convertible dinette where, lowering the table, this space turns into an inviting, extended sunbathing area.

The sea is a live frame

NY24 offers a below deck cabin with a large container sofa – convertible in a double bed – an enclosed toilet niche, a very welcoming environment to ensure a comfortable stay on board, even at night.

Comfort is also given by the audio video system and the natural light floooding the cabin, thanks to two long windows on the sides. A central glass hatch with double sliding doors allows a very easy access in the cabin as well as contributing to the diffused brightness below deck.

NY24 is a beauty to possess and a joy to drive.

Ideal for spending a day at sea with family or friends in total relax and safety, NY24 is also perfect as awe-inspiring tender for superyachts.

NY24’s exquisite Italian design and advanced technology are not limited to aesthetic and functional features, the company is also sensitive to ecological issues.
For this reason an innovative material has been chosen for the boat finishings, called Oltremateria: it’s water-based, re-proof, breathable, frost-proof, resistant, flexible, recyclable, free from cements, epoxy resins and therefore in complete respect for the environment.